Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Four (4) Things Which Are NOT Vocal Freedom:

Every student who studies with myself and Edwin Williamson at the Bel Canto House School of Singing is working to achieve the same goal: to be able to sing with true VOCAL FREEDOM.

What VOCAL FREEDOM is not:

To truly understand what VOCAL FREEDOM is, it is first important to be aware of what the singer with VOCAL FREEDOM is not doing:
  1. VOCAL FREEDOM means the singer is not forcing his or her voice to make any particular sound that is not naturally occurring.

  2. VOCAL FREEDOM means the singer is not mimicking or imitating anyone else’s voice or disguising the sound of his or her true and natural voice that is uniquely his or her own.

  3. VOCAL FREEDOM means the singer is not pushing the voice in the hope that blasting volume will make up for lack of facility as a singer.

  4. VOCAL FREEDOM means the singer is not approaching the task of singing in a mechanical or athletic way that prevents him or her from expressing the true art and the authentically unique and individual gift inside.

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david said...

I am a student at the Belcanto Singing School in Dublin.I came to the school thinking I wasnt a singer because I thought my voice wasnt good enough .In my time at the school you learn that singing belongs to everyone, and that it is not your voice itself but how you use your voice.Thanks to Frank Merriman and Edwin Williamson I have progressed greatly since I started my study.I cant wait for Franks new book to come out since it will help dispell all the garbage around singing, like breathing lessons.This book will help millions of people around the world to enlighten them and introduce them to the true art of singing.During my time studying with Frank Merriman I gained so much knowledge it has transformed my life personally and professionally.Words cannot express the gratitude I have to be able to study under two dedicated and commited professionls.I am looking forward to attaining vocal freedom and being able to share my own unique voice with everyone.