Saturday, June 15, 2013

BEL CANTO- A Human Touch, A Living, Evolving Art:

It’s not often that someone can say that they have made a real contribution to the art that he or she serves. I am both proud and humbled to add my own human touch to the enduring and ever-evolving art of Bel Canto singing, as my teacher did before me and his teachers did before him. My gift to the art of Bel Canto is the message of storytelling.

Bel Canto is a singing art that can only be imparted from teacher to student over time and intensive study. There has never been a book or an instruction manual that could adequately describe the necessary steps to sing with VOCAL FREEDOM the Bel Canto way, and there never will be.

In the historical manner of study, the Bel Canto instructor would have the student sing an aria or other song until he or she brought forth a particularly beautiful phrase sung with crystal clarity. At that point the student was instructed to repeat that word or short phrase over and over exactly as he or she had just done it, in order for the student to become accustomed to singing so clearly. Intensive work was also done with regards to pronunciation of words, particularly the vowels in the words. The teacher continued to guide the student with these disciplines until the student finally achieved the ability to sing clearly and consistently without vocal difficulties every time– until he or she had reached VOCAL FREEDOM.

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