Monday, September 14, 2015

The Knowledge of Your Own Worth

One of the most important things I tell all of my students at the Bel Canto House is that I want them to change the price tag they are wearing on their shoulders, and that is what I want you to do as well. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t worth much! Change the price tag on your shoulder from “$1.99" and make sure that everyone can see it reads: “PRICELESS!”

Everyone is unique. I have been teaching the concept of DNA since long before scientists discovered it with microscopes in a laboratory. Always remember that there is only ONE of you on this planet– and that’s a good thing!

Nature (or God, if you prefer) is not cruel. It doesn’t single out people to receive all the good gifts while not giving those gifts to other people. You have great gifts inside of you and all you need to do is unlock them.

There’s a book that I want you to start reading. You won’t find it on any bookshelf or in any bookstore. The book is inside yourself. If you learn to read that book you will be a very rich human being. Therein lies the true key to great singing, and it belongs to YOU!!

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