Monday, October 26, 2015


Singing is not about your VOICE. It is about how you USE your voice. Everyone can learn how to USE his or her voice. This knowledge is simple to acquire, and it is fun to learn. It is KNOWLEDGE that will set your voice free to sing what is in your heart!

KNOWLEDGE gives you relaxation and confidence. It allows you to express yourself fully. KNOWLEDGE allows you to be the human being that you really are, without feeling tempted to imitate another person.

The KNOWLEDGE that the gift of singing is within you that awakens your singing instinct– You will find yourself opening up with a little song as you go about your daily routine, driving down the road, washing the dishes, taking the family dog out for a walk, and so forth.

I find that when I am feeling out of sorts just singing a little song will set me right much better than any pills or medicine would do. So I ask you– Why have you let yourself be deprived of such a wonderful gift??

Come with us and sing the story that lives within your heart.

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